Friday, November 6, 2009

HOMEBREW – first tasting

Last night I was closing at my store, & I get a text from my girlfriend, “The beer is ready!” Our first homebrew was finally ready to drink. Needless to say I was excited. Our friend Katie was having people over at her new apartment so we decided to bring some of the new beers over. After letting it chill for a minute in the fridge, & after losing a game of beer pong, it was time to finally taste the beer.


Super tasty. Terrific dark amber color. We didn’t happen to filter the beer this time around, so there was a good amount of sediment at the bottom, but after a minute it settled nicely. It also had a great head retention. It also seemed to have a pretty high alcohol level as well. Overall, it made me really proud of Sarah. Great first beer. Congratulations babe!

The Pale Ale is definitely a beer we’ll be making again. I’m glad there’s about 30 of these bad boys to drink though.

Check out this great logo that our friend Caitlin drew up. Sarah’s definitely going to be using this or something like it for her labels.


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